Marriage with Russian Women – What You Need to Know

You can fall in love with a person of any nationality. However, getting along with Russian women for marriage is not so easy – the ideas of what is good and what is bad differ in many respects among different nationalities. The same applies to work in foreign companies, as you constantly find yourself in awkward situations, because “they” do not behave according to your expectations. Today, we invite you to analyze the difference in mentality in the couples, where the husband is a foreigner and his wife is Russian.

Funny Facts and Marriage Insights

There are some things that foreigners don’t appreciate in Russian women. These women can be compared with Italians by emotionality, who express their thoughts freely and with passion. Some of the marriage insights with Russian women are expressed below:

1)     A peaceful exchange of news

An American husband of former Muscovite Alla with 20 years of experience in family life emphasizes on cultural differences that he experiences in marriage: “A Russian wife cannot speak calmly – on the contrary, she speaks very loudly. When my wife talks to her mother by phone, it always seems to me that they fight. Each time it turned out that it was a peaceful exchange of news.”

2)     Getting close

American husband of a Russian wife Olga shares the insights of their marriage: “Russians get too close to people in public places. In America, if there is a queue, then everyone is no less than a meter away from each other. My wife stays close to other people, and if she is in a hurry, then she does not see anyone at all, and sweeps away everyone in her path.”

3)     Take your shoes off

The Russian wife makes everyone take off their shoes at the entrance – not only household members, but also guests. In some European countries as well as in America and Canada, this is generally not accepted.

4)     Complex meals

The Russian wife can spend the entire weekend cleaning the house and preparing dozens of dishes for lunch and dinner. On the contrary, the European, Canadian or American women will make some sandwiches and go for a walk with their families, inviting a cleaning lady to the house for this time.

5)     Russian speech

Former Muscovite Olga is married to an English esquire Hugh. Of the annoying moments, Hugh noted: “As soon as a couple of Russian-speaking friends come to us for dinner, my wife switches to Russian and I completely drop out of the conversation. She constantly speaks Russian in my presence, and sometimes it seems to me that she simply does not notice me or forgets that I do not understand a word!”

Of course, all these details make the unusual picture of marriage with a Russian woman. However, they are very attractive, smart, loving and careful women, so most of the foreign grooms are dreaming about such wives. 

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